07 September 2015

A new start!

Dear all!

It has been quite a while since I have been active here on this blog. A lot of things have happened. Good a bad things which I don't want to get deeper into at the moment, but what I do want to share with you is that I have decided to make a fresh new start with a whole new blog called 'Simple Colorful'.

WHY? You might think! 

I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do and what I like to do, and Blogging is defiantly one of the things I like to do and have been missing over the last year. 

But I also feel a change inside of me, and that has of course also to do with the changes here at home. The fact that my girls are getting bigger and I am getting older and my interests are changing as well.

I am ready for a change and somehow a new image, but of course if you take a look on my new blog you will properly recognize me and my style there somehow, but then in a new fresh way I think.

The blog is still very new and I haven't posted a lot there yet, but I am getting warm and comfortable with it and will love if you will drop by there a take a look or even follow me there

I am not quite sure what I want to do with this blog. Leave it like this for a while or one day change the link? 

For now I just want to inform you that it’s possible to take a look into my life on a different blog and I will be more than happy to get more followers there in the future.

Thank you for all your comments here and for all the contacts it has giving me. For now this will properly be my last post here. But don't be sad! You can easily find me HERE


30 December 2014

I am busy opening my Etsy account again so if you prefer buing from Etsy and are interested in my products you can take a look here.

Etsy is a really nice place to shop for all kind of special things and I am happy to be able to sell here again with products that I have designed but made elsewhere.

I am not quite ready yet with filling the store but it's working and will soon be compleet.

04 December 2014

Christmas is coming closer and closer and everywhere you see Christmas things in the shops that reminds us about the cosy warm time of the year where we decorate the home beautiful with all kind of things, and it’s the time where we eat a lot of nice food together with our family. 

Here at home we are not doing a lot for Christmas yet, because we want to finish Sinterklaas here first, which will be tomorrow. My youngest one still believes in Sinterklaas and Santa, so it’s very important for her and very exiting. My oldest one finds it just as exiting to decorate for Christmas (which we will do Saturday) as for the evening of Sinterklaas.

But unfortunately these two events cross each other a little bit every year. Sinterklaas is the 5th of December and the Christmas calendars already starts the 1st of December so we have to do both things for a few day’s together.

This year I made a cute little landscape for our calendar candle and the girls love it. I love all the natural things you can use for Christmas and not so much all that bling bling, so I think that I will use a lot of green and wood when we saturday decorate for Christmas!!

What do you prefer to decorate with for Christmas?

10 October 2014

Choosing colors

Today I'm working on the final adjustments for the new collection/samples. All drawings and colors must be checked with a color swatch so I know that the color will be good when printing. Quite a big job because I like to use a lot of colors. 

I always find it very exciting when the first sample is printed. Are the colors right? And do they match well with each other? 

Usally there are always a few colors to be adjusted. But when I work with a large color swatch with numbers on it, I'm should be quite safe. The dangerous part is when you rely too much on the colors of your screen, then it can go very wrong with the colors and turn out different than expected. 

Next to that it's also important that you work in the right light. In a dark room with lots of lamps, the fabric sample will get a discolour, so I prefer working in a room with lots of natural light. Even on a rainy day the air can give a false hue to your colors. You should try paing attention to colors in your home and see what the different lights do to them.

Have a nice colorfull day.

16 September 2014

Car wrapping

Are you that person who likes to look and find a special gift for someone? Then you may also like to wrap it in a special way? 

A nicely wrapped gift always gives me the feeling that I am something special and make me very curious about what’s inside. It also indicates that it’s not just a gift. It is thought through and someone would like to make you happy and put you in the spotlight. 

At Dig&Mig we have a very special Carwallet which in itself is a special gift, but are you going to pack it as illustrated above, you almost get the feeling that you get two gifts in one. How nice is that? 

For more great tips on wrapping inspiration you can also take a look here on my Pinterest page. I have created a nice little collection.

10 September 2014

I'm really so in love with the old-fashioned baby doll prams including old baby dolls. Maybe it's because I have two girls myself and that they also love to have those old stuff in their rooms. 

I just can’t get enough of girly retro style and find these children's rooms totally awesome with again the combination of old and new together.

It's so funny to see that many girls just automatic play with dolls and boys with cars. (Of course that's not always true, but often it is) My youngest girl is really a rough diamond and I use to think that she would want to do more boy things. But right now, is she the one who takes her dolls with her all over and often plays father and mother.

Do you recognize this as well or do you have very different experiences with children and toys?

08 September 2014


The other day I came across this cool taxi (walking car) and thought; what would it fit the Rattle taxi from Dig&Mig so well.

How fun would it be, to have a little baby boy which first gets the taxi rattle to play with in the box, and then later when he has taken his first steps he can race around the entire living room on this walking car/taxi?

Furthermore, there are now so many great ideas to reuse old toy in a nursery. Like the roller skates wheels under a cabinet or an old pull wagon used as a bookcase. Great idea's!

04 September 2014

Elephant cuddle

I have decided to show you some of my latest blog post from my web shop. I started a blog there not so long ago, but I am not quite sure how many people read my blog there, so I want to show you it here as well. I hope you will like it as well as my old blog post and if you all ready have seen it, I hope you don't mind reading it twice.

I would here like to show how easy you can combine this sweet brown elephant with other colors in a nursery. 

A brown accessory is in a shop often left over because it perhaps looks too basic or boring, but this is not true. Especially in combination with other colors, the color brown comes much nicer to his right and looks suddenly very warm and tough instead.

The little brown elephant from Dig&Mig is here a very good example of how well that it would fit as a cuddle or an accessory in this room. Here you can also see how graphic prints combined with old wood and toys often work very nicely together, and browns go very well with fresh colors and give a nice balance in the room.

You often hear people say they are afraid to use bright colors or accents, but my feeling is that the opposite often is true. Many people tend to prefer to only use cheerful and bright colors and forget how much nicer a room is when there is a more balance in tones, and that you can for example get with some brown accents in a boy’s nursery.

03 September 2014

Buba B in the sportlight

Buba B is a very nice, cheerful shop that came out of a passion for vintage and retro, colors, fabrics, bags and gadgets. This passion is translated into a concept that mainly is colorful, a little quirky and above all retro!

The name buba B (boeba B) is Elizabeth's (the owner) own childish translation from Serbian and means a baby ladybug. As a child of the seventies with a sentimental touch buba B stands for nostalgia and that is what she wants to show to everybody in the shop. Further a ladybug means happiness and love.

Elizabeth works closely with the brand Huisteil Creations and together they make a number of products for babies and children, such as belts and belt bags, sportbags and care mats. Next to that makes buba B a limited edition of accessories, including soft toys, rattles, crib hangers and bags. They do this with a lot of love and a good dose of retro power!

Besides her own collection you can also found, at buba B, original and special creations by Dutch designers such Huisteil Creations, Pimpkid and Funky Stuff Design. You'll also find the unique bag collection of the Danish brand Rice, and wonderful items of Froy & Dind, Tranquillo and Mr & Mrs Clynk. But of course she also sells products from Dig&Mig like the cute stuffed elephants and kittens, the boy and girl crackle doll and not to mention the papers retro lamp that was also shown in the Flow together with Buba B.

Are you curious who Buba B is? Take a look here on her website and if you have a weakness for retro stuff, you should definitely not miss this one. Have fun!

02 September 2014

New inspiration

When I work on a new collection, it’s nice to (in advance) look for inspiration that inspires me and give me new impulses. I am therefore very grateful for Pinterest for how easily you there can store pictures and save for later use.

For the new Dig&Mig collection in 2015, I especially went looking for new/old retro patterns and retro elements that I can apply in form and color. But I also try to use new patterns and trends that have nothing to do with retro. The combination of old and new is so much fun to combine and sometimes creates surprisingly new products which (I hope) can turn a smile on people’s faces and give them the "must-have-factor'.

I have made a small selection here from pictures I used lately for inspiration for the girls. The boys come another time.

Do you find it fun to browse among lots of great pictures and look for inspiration for kids with a retro twist? Then it also might be nice to follow me on Pinterest and see what further inspires me and what I like. If you click here you will come directly to my Pinterest page and all my boards.

27 June 2014

Lots of storage!

For those who doesn't follow me on my new blog: 

With the arrival of 2000 pieces of new products, I suddenly had to figure out a very good idea where I would stall them. Did I want to rent storage somewhere or having all boxes standing here at home? 

Noooo! As stated earlier, I love to have everything here at home. Everything within reach, where I can quickly take action if there is an order. But 2000 pieces are lots of cuddles and music boxes. Where do I put them?

Now I luckily love a challenge when it comes to layout and design, and so I went looking for a solution that would not be too hard and not too expensive, and one that could be carried out here at home. And I did it! On the internet I found 24 pieces of drawers for my Ikea closet, perfect for my products! And at the hardware store, they had a nice simple shelf where I can store all my little supplies and materials in neat white new boxes. 

With a lot of measuring and moving around and giving up a little bit of my bureau, I now have a very ordered room with storage for (almost everything). Now we see how long I can keep it so neatly. Do you also like a tidy work environment or should it be messier to feel good?

03 June 2014

Finally our new website

Dear everybody, I must admit that my work on this blog is minimal at the moment. My latest blog was more than a month ago about the coming new website and nothing has happened here since. 

But…… finally I can announce that we are ready to present the new site to all of you out there. The Dig&Mig site is ready for 'take off' !!!

And together with the 'take off' we would like to give you all the chance to order something from the shop (your choice) with a 20% discount. All you have to do (when you come to the shopping basket) is to fill in the discount code: new2014 and complete the order and we will send it as soon as possible to you.

But before you take a look in our new shop, you can have a peak here. The products are still the same, but presented in another way. The information is more complete and all over you can easily share on Facebook or pin a picture to Pinterest if you like.

An important new thing in the shop is a new blog which might be interesting for you. It’s a blog with more related things to the shop. I there post things about my inspiration for designing, show you pictures from shops which sells our products, but I will also give you tips to decorate a baby/kid room with perhaps a toy from Dig&Mig and how to wrap a gift in a nice way. It still has to grow my blog there, but the start is there, and I have a feeling that it will in the future take over this blog. But for now I will still be here now and then. 

But come and take a look in our new shop. If you click HERE you will go there directly.

NB. I would love to hear what you think of our new shop.

15 April 2014

New website Dig&Mig almost ready!!!

I just can’t wait to show you our new website. We have been working very hard and long on it and I am so, so happy with the result. We only need to make some finishing touches and then we will come with a total new, fresh and professional restyled website.

The old one is still in the air and if you want you can still order there without problems.
Curios about our new site?? Watch out for news here on my blog. In one or two weeks and I will show you the whole site.